.Legaleese:  I am not a chiropractor, a massage therapist or a veterinarian.  I do energy work.

My Training: 

 I have trained under Regan Golob D.C. I have taken and passed his Bio-Energy Analysis courses, the basic (2007) and the advanced (2009).  I have also trained under Kelly Mills, (2007,09) Joan Ranquet (2010) Susan Crawford D.C. (2011),Dr. Susan Seelye (2008), and Raian Kaiser (2012) for all the modalities listed.  I have certificates for Regan's classes, VHT and ET courses listed, and the first level of acupressure from Tallgrass in Colorado. (2007)  I  have taken the first of 4 VHT (vibromuscular harmonization technique) classes for humans, and more human education during the two ET  courses. (2011,12)  I also have taken level 1 and 2 (of 4)  Equine Touch courses in Colorado (2012), barefoot training with Leslie Walls in Ridgefield, WA (2012) to further my knowledge that I received from Gary Putney, Ali McMahon's tutelage and a few other barefoot trimmers through the years, and completed the Equine Natural Movement School using Structural Integration in southern Washington (2013-14).

Continuing education in Colorado, Equine Touch 2012

Cranio-Sacral class with Susan Crawford DVM from CO in Carnation, WA  Pictured was with one of my classmates.

Demo at the NW Horse Expo in Lynden, WA 2012  Learning to feel your horses energy

 A barefoot trimming clinic in Ridgefield, WA with Leslie Walls, I got to work on.... yes.... cadaver feet.  Very gross and smelly, but informative!  Learned all about foot pathology and the balanced trim.  (Thank you to the owners who give their horses bodies to science so others can learn.)

Each of these healing modalities is a session + in itself, although I have found mixing an abreviated version of few of them in each session works better than one all by itself, unless I am able to work on your animal on a regular basis, in which case, I would do a few sessions on each modality as your horse releases tension and can handle deeper work.

Helping them get back

when they get out of whack

Does this picture make my rear look big?

**New for 2019.  Farm calls will be added to your sessions to help off set ferry, gas and time.  Destinations within approx. 30 min from Mukilteo will be $25 per horse. Multiple horses at the same place can be shared. Further out places (more than 1/2 hour away) will be $50, and also shareable.

I love to hop planes and go places.  I would love to work at your barn out of state, please ask!

www.equine-n-harmony.blogspot.com    Oct 2011 blog was on colic, Nov was on rain rot

Please contact Jennifer at (425) 530-2230   Whidbey Island,Washington

Modalities available:

**PEMF therapy machine**  NEW for 2019!!

Red/Infrared Light Therapy machine
Structural Integration
Structural Balancing
Energy Balancing
Applied Kinesiology
Release Techniques
Equine Touch
Ting Point Therapy
Nutritional and organ acu/reflex points
Defense Physiology
 Bio-energy synchronization techniques
Raindrop Therapy/Aromatouch, also mini sessions for balancing, stress,vaccination and injection or immune system
 Barefoot trimming


Why do we and our animals need bodywork?

Our companion animals, through daily activities, get out of balance just like we do.  They can speak to us through body language and behavior, to tell us that they are in pain, or not happy with something in their lives.  As caretakers, we should try and make their lives as comfortable and happy as possible, and a great way is through bodywork!  Have you ever been to the chiropractor or had a massage?  Remember how fantastic it feels to be correct and relaxed?  All our bodies' systems work better when the structure is correct.  One's whole outlook on life can be improved by simply getting out of dis-comfort.

What do I do? 

I treat the whole animal, even if the reason you call me is because of a specific illness, dis-ease or imbalance.  My treatments improve the animals' overall health and well being.  You will also learn valuable tools to support your own animal.  I will suggest home exercises and stretches that you can do to continue to help your animal after I have left, that will help with the re-education process of the muscles and cells that I began in the session.  You will find these exercises very helpful in alleviating both acute and chronic pain and stress patterns by reducing muscle tension, soothing joints, increasing flexibility, improving circulation, relaxation, all by the body coming back into balance.  You will become more aware and educated on how to make healthier choices.  You can learn to replace your animals' illness with health by better choices.  My treatments gently release that which holds the animal out of balance structurally, and will release tension and imbalances caused by tight muscles.  I can find the root cause of why the imbalances and tightness are there in the first place, and show you how to prevent them from coming back.  My goal is to help the animal/person arrive at a place where the body can start to heal itself. 

Everything I do with your animal or you is hands-on, gentle and non-invasive.  There are no forceful motions or manipulations. I work with the animal at the speed and depth their bodies can handle at that time,  and help the body to change stress and pain patterns.   I watch to make sure your animal is comfortable and at ease at all times. You and your animal will be more relaxed when I am done than when I started.  I combine these gentle, non-invasive modalities and techniques of body therapy which are highly effective in dealing with chronic stress, injury, pain and or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances in your animal.

Energy balancing and bodywork offer the following benefits: they stimulate the animals' natural healing abilities, they relax the muscles and the mind, improving disposition and attitude and behavioral issues, improves the animals' movement and performance, speeds healing of injuries, lessens the chance of new injuries, improves range of motion, and releases stored toxins in the tissues.  It optimizes your horses health. 

Getting back to basics is a great way to get healthy by living simply and naturally the way our bodies are designed.  Dogs and horses are designed a specific way. They  benefit hugely by being fed the way they are designed, and by providing a natural environment for them.

Disease is our body's reaction to stress. Stress is any irritant, stimulus etc that can be of physical, nutritional or emotional origin. Stress is simply, something that the human body perceives as a threat to its survival. We are bombarded continually by stress and we continually react and neutralize that stress. We can acknowledge we have an acute illness, when the symptoms of our reaction to stress are severe enough. Within a relatively short amount of time however, we finally neutralize the stress and we are back into a state of health.

If we do not neutralize the stress, then we can say we have a chronic illness or disease and this means that we are continually reacting to the stress and the stress is still present. Therefore the body is vainly trying to heal but to no avail. This can be because the body is in a weak state and has little energy or capacity or the diet is such that there is a constant stream of toxins being absorbed into the system, and inflammation from food intolerances or most likely there is the constant and insidious emotional stress which has been going on for years.

Medical system is predicated on the treatment of disease, not wellness care. It is all about identifying symptoms, conditions, and treatment, seeing you as a person with problems. 

I observe the person/animal  as being in a fluid or wavelike consciousness state.