Testimonials/Happy Grams

1/17 1/17 (dog) After a slip on the ice, my puppy was limping for days. Priya is great now!  She is again running around with her brother. (standard bodywork session plus lights on sensitive spots)

1/17 1/17 (dog) Noticed definite improvement. He has tried and succeeded in standing! (standard session plus lights) K Clinton

1/16 He has no energy and is being cautious about shaking his head and jumping on the couch. He is now back to his normal self.  Thank you!

12/15 He is doing great, no more drooling, he is barking again, and not being cautious about jumping up and down off bed. I don't know what we would do without you.  Thank you Jennifer.  RW Clinton

2/14  Cyrus had a complete geriatric canine blood test at the vets and it turned out remarkably well. The vet was even amazed at how well his thyroid and body organs tested. This is Dr. Eric Patrin at the South Whidbey Animal Clinic. We told him Cyrus gets Dynamite dog food, and supplements.  Just wanted to share the great news and say thanks for helping us keep Cyrus healthy and happy :))  Love and Blessings, J.B. Freeland

1/13 Guess who is NOT shaking his head today? Chewie says thank you!!!
: ) So do I , even thought about taking off his tags, it was so
annoying... : )  T.C. Mt. Vernon

3/12 She is doing great...not 100% maybe 90%...she can jump up on the couch!!!!..she just struggles a little.. sometimes it takes more than one try..however she is licking it like crazy..no hair left..thank you so much ..if she has anymore problems I will certainly call you..also I will recommend you to anyone I hear has problems with their pets.  M.S. Freeland

2/12 - Marty & Olive had wonderful healing sessions today when Jennifer came to town to help us & some other animal friends out! Thanks Jennifer----you're AWESOME!!!!! We hope to make this a monthly occurrence!  K.B. Seattle

12/11 Chu is doing so much better, 'connecting passes and tail pulls' are a great help to her. She is having less accidents. Eating better, getting up on her own, even wagging her tail. She is still a Senior girl but it is good to see these improvements. And we will keep these helps in her routine. Thank you for your help.  J.B. Freeland, WA

1/10  (DOG) Jenn - I can't thank you enough for the time and talk with dear, sweet Elly today.  After we hung up, she licked my hand for the longest time (something I actually don't like, in fact, as much as I adore dogs!) but it felt so, so loving.  and I got the strong sense that even though she knows I don't really like it, it was the one way she could physically show her love.  Then Scott brought out his lunch once again, and she spent a few minutes staring at him, hoping he'd drop it.  Then she came back in and cuddled at my feet, often looking up at me and smiling in a more relaxed way than I've seen her do in a very long time.  She was definitely sending love vibes.  Just wanted to tell you that.  We're off now, on our afternoon walkie to the postbox.  Thank you again,  D.L.  Clinton, WA

12/09  (DOG) The work done by Jennifer on my dogs has made a big difference.  They walk and run more easily.  They really benefited from their sessions.    M.A. Freeland, WA

3/10 (DOG) My basset hound is doing wonderful on his new diet you recommended, his teeth are getting cleaner, he has such fun eating his turkey necks, and his coat is so much shinier! Thanks, M.B.  Clinton, WA

Legal-eese:  I am not a chiropractor, a massage therapist or a veterinarian.  I have had no training in chiropractic, massage or veterinary work.  I do energy work.

A session for a dog will cost $50, and will run up to 30 minutes, the first session taking the longest as I explain what I am doing and talk to you about any concerns you may have regarding your dog.

This guy has a genetic abnormality, had shoulder surgery and now stays relatively sound with regular bodywork.

This guy got hit by a car and was having problems walking.  One session and he was jumping up on the couch again!


As our friends age, everyday motions can become a painful struggle. Regular bodywork can help the aches and pains become less and make aging more enjoyable.

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Dogs love bodywork too!  Delilah decided she wanted to be on the massage table,not on the floor as usual. Hahaha!

Dogs....our loving companions, our best friends.  We want to keep our canine friends happy, they live in the house with us: eat our food, sleep in our beds.  Happy dog, harmony in the house.  Dogs can be very loud in their communication with us; peeing on the rug, pooping in the clothes.  Find out why your dog is not happy, and learn to help your dog in natural ways.  I can help with nutritional problems and energy problems through acupoints and energy work, something that dogs respond incredibly well to.  I can help you find the very best choices for your dog.