Our equine partners are talking .... Are you listening?

Canadian border area = $150
Bellingham-ish = $125
N. Arlington,Stanwood/Mt Vernon/Sedro Wooley = $100
S. Arlington south to Snohomish to w. Monroe = $75 
East Monroe and (Sultan area) = $100
Woodinville south to Tacoma = $100-150
Further south = $125-150

A session for a horse will run up to 60 minutes, the first session taking the longest as I explain what I am doing, talk to you about any concerns you may have regarding your horse, and teach you how to do the homework. Horses generally need 24 hours off with turnout after a standard session, 24-72 after a SI session, 48-72 after a light therapy session and 72 after a cranial session.

Belly lift exercises for sway backs.  Oh yes, you will get homework (if you like) in the form of stretches and exercises specific to your horses issues to empower you to help your horse.

Checking the all important head to tail connection through a reflex point.  Is my rear really there?

Defense physiology first off, getting the horse out of fright/flight mode.

Body condition can be improved, skinny horses who can't hold weight can be turned into easy keepers: fat horses into healthy body types.  Body condition has everything to do with stress and nutrition.  Is your horse's coat dull?  Are skin problems present?  Learn to feed the way your horse is designed to eat, and create optimum health in the process. 

Checking for hip/pelvis/sacrum straightness 


Jennifer Odle
(425) 530-2230

Testimonials/Happy Grams

11/16 I just wanted to say thanks sooo much I can tell majorly when going through events. Payroll feels so much better and she loves the stretches. She starts drooling while I do them.  R.M. Stanwood

9/16 Dally did so much better today. Was able to brush her underneath and also did her exercises under her girth and tummy section. Wither stretches? Anyway, way better! Dally and I thank you! R.R. Oak Harbor

5/16 Thanks so much for the equine body work yesterday!  Both girls seem so much more flexible and relaxed today!  J.E. Stanwood

1/16 Thank you so much for doing such a great job on Thistle. I was so afraid she had just snapped and decided she didn't want to work any longer, and was giving me the middle finger.  She was such a good girl today after you worked on her!.  N.W. Clinton

11/15 Thank you very much!  I love learning what will help Kactus!  :)  A.M. Snohomish

11/15 Have I told you how awesome you are? Lol  Not just because of what you do, but as a person lol

11/15 I went on a trail ride yesterday and used the oils you suggested to calm him down, and I think I used to much, he walked slower than a snail with his head low and was falling asleep hahaha  T.C. Oak Harbor

8/15 Thank you for seeing Hearts last week.  We could see an improvement.  K. Oak Harbor

8/15 We definitely have improvement after the first session, but of course, still off.  I felt improvement in the way she moved yesterday.  We would like another session please.  L.H. Bellingham

8/15 You are spectacular!  Before, she didn't want to move, and her girth area was very knotted up and sore, and kicking out at the canter.  K.L. Arlington

8/15  By the way, we do love you and appreciate all you do for our horses!  L.S. Monroe

2/15 Della appears to be much happier and moving more freely  C.M. Port Orchard

2/15 I would like another session, you worked on my gelding a few years back and the results were great.  S.J. Oak Harbor

7/15 He actually seems to be feeling good.  He definitely ran different the first couple of runs after you came, like you said he would, but they got it all lined out after that and he ran great!  R. Snohomish

1/15 You did it!  Tallulah is much better and I just got done riding her!  So Excited!  Thank you for your fabulous work.  M.A. Snohomish

1/15 My horse moves like a grocery store horse you put a quarter into ride. She is still sore in the right rear but much better overall!  J.B. Clinton

5/14  I just wanted to let you know how much better Honey has been moving since you were out to see her! She’s really moving out on trail rides (before she was lagging way behind) and going downhill doesn’t seem to be bothering her like it was before.  Thank you so much :-)   S.L. Woodinville

2/14 Iby, a very sensitive, petite 11year old Arabian mare:In the fall of 2012 became very grumpy, jumpy, touchy and did not want to be touched or saddled or brushed; totally out of character behavior. During this year we had done many fun activities together. (Eventing, derbys, back packing in the mountains, beach rides, dressage, etc.) It got to the point were she could not concentrate and would just fidget under saddle. In hindsight, she was trying to tell me that she was sore and needed help and I feel like such a dense idiot to have been so slow to understand! I engaged a few talented individuals to check her out and Iby chose Jennifer Odle. She did this by allowing Jennifer to touch her, a prerequisite for this kind of work. The work resulted in restoring Iby to her calm confident athletic little self. It took from Oct. to March of monthly sessions along with some herbs and slippery elm for ulcers. Since then, I keep her tuned up with Jennifer's touch about every two to three months. Iby has taught me to listen to her at this whole new level and that all athletes are happier when they can do their jobs without pain. Not all of my horses are as exacting in their communications, but Iby will keep at me until I get it. She expects much and will not settle for less. She has and continues to teach me much and more as we go on. I am so grateful to Jennifer for helping me get Iby back in top fit form!  D.M. Oak Harbor

10/13  She is feeling much better, thanks to you, your knowledge and willingness to pass it along, we both appreciate it!  She's putting more weight on the leg and is gaining weight.  I've been doing the stretches with her daily.  She's improving slowly but surely.  J.P. Coupeville

9/13 She was straighter and had more energy, yah!  S.T. Snohomish

9/13 He has been really good and was jumping over the moon yesterday.  Thank you!  T.M. Oak Harbor

8/13 You have helped immensely at narrowing down the issues and diagnosing the real problem. L.M. Olympia

7/13 He's really well, gained alot of weight, and he's happy and energetic.  K.U. Clinton

3/13 She is doing great!!!  Thanks for checking!!!  Her and Jess are looking so good together and are ready for the show next Saturday!  We are excited! L.S. Sultan

4/13 Charm feels amazing after her visit with you! I can't believe the difference in her attitude when doing turns and circles. She is obviously much more comfortable! Thanks again for putting in the extra time with her:)  N. Sultan1/13  He is still having some pain in his eye, but it is healing and the eye doctor says it's right on track. I'll let you know when the pain
subsides. Thanks again for your recommendations on healing supplements. They are helping a lot!  A.S. Monroe

1/13 Skip has not nipped with the cinch even once, and his head bobbing is only an occasional normal reaction to movement. Yay!  T.C. Mt Vernon

1/13 Redi pony has quit pinning his ears going to the left, which I think is HUGE... TLC Mt Vernon

1/13 Aarow is a lot more relaxed through the head and neck but is still having some issues to the right.  Her owner would like to schedule another session when she can come. S.E.C. Stanwood

12/12  Thanks! Just want to give you an update. Party has been able to roll all the way over. It was the first time that Iv seen her roll over in over a year. Thank you for the work you have done thus far.  M.F. Mt Vernon

10/12  I am happy to report that we are ok for now!  As a matter of fact, we have a barrel racing pony now that she is on joint supplements.  Her front end is much more fluid, I can actually get in her shoulders to stretch them out. :)  Thanks for helping us!  C.G. Arlington

10/12   She is doing much better.  She hardly drags her back feet anymore, so yay!  I rode her at Monroe yesterday and she ran much harder and stretched out more too.  :)  L.A. Freeland

10/12 My horse and dog are doing Fabulous. I am so excited...and grateful to you. Cinnamons leg had no swelling at all the next day either...so you are a true miracle worker.  C.C. Tacoma

5/12   Thanks, Jennifer! Shasta doing well. Only movement not doing well is withers. Will keep at it! (exercises) Shasta's movement is so improved! Thanks again!  F. - Mt Vernon

3/12 Accolade must have been feeling better because he turned into the bucking bronco race horse the next day(in his paddock) I was outside safely watching the show. UPDATE: He feels great and was a joy at the show today.Thank you  E.C. Clinton, WA

11/11 Well took Wrangler for a ride today, and let me tell you WOW! I am soooo happy! As it turns out every roadblock we have come across has been to the fact that he's been out! He loped, took both leads, His gaits are more comfortable He's happier, I'm happier. Lynda Allan, all the stuff you have been saying he's able to do and I've had a heck of a time with he suddenly does without any effort, poor boy was in pain! Just have to say if your horse seems out, in pain, or just plain crabby look up Jennifer Odle with Equine-N-Harmony! She is amazing and really works miracles :) Thank you Jennifer! You have made this horse owner considerably more happy and confident with her horse :)  J.G. Ferndale

11/11 Heidi is doing very well and is moving freeier. Thank you for what you did for her. D.H. Lynden, WA

11/11 She's doing much better thanks for asking, it really made a difference  M.G. Snohomish, WA

11/11 Ticker was doing great on Saturday and moving very well.  A.S. Snohomish, WA

09/11  Jennifer Odle has been a great find!!   I have a Friesian mare that spent her first ten years being pregnant and having babies.  I started riding her to help bring her into shape.  We noticed that her body was out of alignment which was showing up in her gait and attitude toward being worked.  I have had a couple people come work on getting her body going in the right direction, so I wasn't causing her pain when riding her.  My mare, Tetscke never made great improvemnts until Jennifer started working with her.  She has done several body treatments and a cranial session.  Tetscke has become almost symetrical in her hips, etc.  Jennifer has a very gentle way with the horses, and they all love her.  Jennifer has a great deal of knowledge on holistic and natural remedies for horse issues as well.  Jennifer even worked on my 20 year old cat, and he is walking better!  I would highly recommend Jennifer.  She is always a pleasure to work with.  S.T.  Snohomish, WA

5/11  (HORSE) Benny’s owners are so happy and impressed with your work and your visit that they want to contact you for follow up in two weeks… they are doing great with the stretching and have already noticed Benny flexing that hock again for the first time in ages and he is not dragging his hind feet in the morning now! Very cool =+} M.H. Snohomish, WA

5/11 (HORSE) Please come and look at Rodney again. He really is doing much better! Less head shaking and a more comfortable ride. I am very happy! Let me know! S.NS. Ferndale, WA

11/10  (HORSE)(stifle issues) I watched from inside the house and just watched him go round and round so smoothly! Scott and I are both thrilled and SOO happy for him. I'll get back to him tomorrow but wanted to see what he would look like today.  Thanks so much!!  We look forward to you seeing the other two next time.  C.L.  Bothel, WA

2/08 (HORSE) Eddie was almost 4 years old when he arrived from Canada.   He comes from very good performance bloodlines.   We  purchased him for a performance horse to show.  He came to us in March 07 and all was well.  We had taken him to some shows and to lessons in the summer of 07.  In August one afternoon he began showing classic colic symptoms, i.e. stretching, trying to pee but nothing happens, pointing to his stomach with his nose and laying down and rolling.  The vet was called and the typical colic exam was performed and nothing was found, although it was suggested worms and ulcers can cause colic.  It was suggested I worm for tapeworms and strongyles even though I had sent samples in and he was clean.  I went ahead and wormed for those two types of worms and he went on to have several more colic type attacks.  I then called a second vet and went through a similiar check and similar dissussion of what the problems may be and talked about more invasive type examinations to find the problem.  In Sept. and Oct. he had approximately 5 more episodes and I just walked him and medicated him with banamine myself.  In Nov.  he was having 3-4 episodes in a two week period.  I was advised to contact Jennifer by a friend of mine, and she came out and evaluated him.  Jennifer diagnosed  Eddie as having an ulcer which both vets clearly had reported ulcers can  cause colic symptoms.  Jennifer made some recommendations and changes to his feed schedule.  I followed them.  He had 3 more bouts of discomfort (as she said he might) before the changes made a difference.  He has not had any discomfort since and we started riding him again and he seems very happy and comfortable like he should be. Thank you so much Jennifer.  S.K.  Coupeville, WA

3/08 (HORSE) Kasche is a 20+ year old appy gelding.  For the past 6 years, he has been participating in 4-H, gaming and therapeutic riding.  Over the last 2 years, he has had two riders in two different age groups riding him in 4-H and gaming shows.  This means that where all other horses are only running a speed course once with one rider, Kasche is doing everything double.  Both girls who were riding him, one 18 and the other 11, had noticed that he was not turning  as well to the right as he did to the left.  Bending around the poles or barrels was harder for him in this one direction, thus slowing him down.  He was also having some back pain issues.  Jennifer worked on Kasche and the difference was amazing.  He no longer had back pain, became lighter in his turns to the right and was moving more fluently.  Both girls could feel an immediate difference.  That weekend, they competed with him at a gaming show in Monroe, against 60 other riders, and they each placed 3rd in their age divisions.  His turns were better, his speed faster, and his general attitude was much better.  The work that Jennifer did on him has really made a difference.  Langley, WA

4/08 (HORSE) I have been working the HOPE Therapeutic Riding Program for the past 14 years.  At HOPE we work hard to make sure that our horses are healthy, fit and well cared for.  We know and understand that the work our horses do is exceedingly beneficial to those we serve.  It can also be draining on them.  Having riders who are unsure, off balance, and tight can be tough on our horses.  They are constantly shifting balance to take care of their riders.  This can create stress and tightness in their muscles.  Because of the population that we serve, our horses have to be balancced, gaits, even, and correct.  If one of our horses is sore, it shows in the way a rider sits and balances.  Jennifer donates work on all the HOPE horses.  She helps relieve areas that are stressed and sore.  The work she has done shows in every horse.  Their attitudes are better, they are more willing to perform their jobs,a nd they are happier.  This is particularly important to us becasue without our horses, we have no program.  I highly recommend the work that Jennifer does.  She cares about the horses and wants to educate people.  Executive Director  D.B.  Langley, WA

5/08  (HORSE)  My horse is doing great...lots of energy.  The jaw massages are becoming easier on her and don't take as long.  Her hock seems to be doing well and she ran some of her fastest times last week at the show.  I am really happy with her.  K.N.  Freeland, WA

My daughter has been working with her horse for the past two years.  He is just now turning 7.  Zeus had been through a lot in his young life.  Before we got him, he had been tied to a tie rail and pulled.  The rail didn't hold and actually hit him in the head.  He has quite a scar between his eyes to prove it.  He also had some back and neck issues.  He was having a hard time bending in both directions and picking up his canter.  He was especially difficult with his right lead.  When Jennifer checked him, he had some head trauma issues, his ribs, withers and hips were sore, and he had an energy blockage in his croup.  After she worked on him, his whole facial expression changed.  Instead of having an eye that was distressed, his eye softened and he relaxed.  He is now able to bend and take his right lead without resistance.  He doesn't shy at objects like he used to and has been a real pleasure to ride and is a people horse.  He now enjoys his work and being part of our family.  I will continue to have Jennifer work with all of my horses.  Happy horses make happy riders!  D.B.  Langley,

Do you realize that when we ride a horse, we sit on the weakest point of the whole body? Think of the horse's back as a suspension bridge, with the anchor points as the shoulders and the hindquarters.  No wonder they have body issues!

Legaleese: I am not a chiropractor, a massage therapist or a veterinarian.  I have had no training in chiropractic, massage or veterinary work.  I do energy work.

Checking lateral flexion and neck stress release technique

Symptoms of pain due to imbalance can include a grumpy attitude when you are saddling up, unwillingness to take a requested lead, tail wringing,  head tossing, inability to bend correctly, stiffness or just not moving correctly, rearing, bucking, sore backs, headshyness, fighting to bend at the poll, difficulty in collecting and frequent tripping, etc.

Attitudes have been changed.  Crabby horses have been turned into willing partners, grumpy mares into nice mares, twitchy horses into happy horses.