The SCANNER takes the guesswork out of knowing what is going on with the horse. Knowing where to treat, not guessing. The Light Therapy Products are a safe, non-invasive light therapy to stimulate the body to heal without drugs or other more invasive treatments.  And please understand I am not against using drugs when necessary. However, as a culture, we have gotten far too used to a drug as the ‘quick fix’. If you can solve a problem without using drugs, wouldn’t you want to use that option?

STS-2 is a two-part system.
First, there is the STS-2 SCANNER, which is a device that allows me to go over the horse’s body, externally, and pinpoint exactly where any problems at the current time exist. (I say ’horse’s body’ but it is also equally effective on other animals and humans as well.) The SCANNER emits a micro current of electricity which neither me/you nor the horse can feel. That current is used to measure the resistance in the tissue it contacts. High resistance means normal, healthy tissue. Low resistance means there is something wrong in the area. When living tissue is injured, damaged or infected, there is a drop in the electrical resistance in that area. The Scanner will measure the health of bone, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue, and organs, too.  It will pick up simple sore muscles to more complex internal or systemic issues. Old injuries that are still an active problem will show up.  Old injuries that are healed and not a problem today, will not show up.  The SCANNER does NOT DIAGNOSE PHYSICAL PROBLEMS. It simply LOCATES where problems exist. If you think you have a hock problem, I will scan the hock, along with the entire horse. If it beeps around the hock, there IS a hock problem. If not, the problem is elsewhere.  I always scan the entire horse, not just the area that seems to be causing the problem. As we all know, pain can be referred to different areas of our bodies, and this is very true of horses, since all of their movements are on the diagonal. Many, many times a horse seems lame on the front right leg, and the actual problem is detected in the back or the hip....which causes the front leg to become lame. This means that the horse is compensating for the pain in his hip or back with his front end. As the SCANNER goes over the body, it may beep due to direct measurement of unhealthy tissue, or it may beep due to finding an ‘active’ acupuncture point. That would indicate there is a problem relating to the part of the body, which that acupuncture point is representative of. It could be internal or external on the horse. It does not matter if the Scanner beeps due to an acupuncture point or a sore muscle. I do NOT diagnose these problems. All that matters is that the Scanner has located a problem! The labeling of each problem found is not as important as the fact that the scanner has now located each area causing a physical problem in the horse!  And, an interesting fact to add, is that of the thousands upon thousands of horses that have been scanned, there has never been found just ONE problem. The scanner ALWAYS locates at least several problems, and often hundreds of physical problem areas in the horses!  Each time the SCANNER beeps, indicating a problem, I mark the spot with a water crayon, so I know where to treat after I finish scanning. And after I have scanned a whole horse, it is amazing to see what shows up in green dots! I may have drawn obvious sore muscles, or the outline of a saddle that may not fit correctly, or an obvious fall pattern.Once I have your horse scanned, he will have dots on his body indicating the areas causing him problems today. There are also different setting for how sensitive we want it to be.  The more often the horse gets scanned, the deeper I can go with the scanner.

The second step is treating the problems the scanner located. I treat the horse, using the ETU (Equine Therapy Unit), which uses red and infrared pulsed lights to stimulate the injured areas of the horse to heal faster and stronger than normal. This may be a new concept to you, but using certain wavelengths and colors of light as a healing modality is actually quite common in Europe and other countries .The validity of light therapy has been proven in clinical tests by our government, many universities, as well as NASA! . Our military is currently conducting studies on the use of Light Therapy and they have deduced that used correctly, light therapy is nothing short of miraculous! The light therapy will stimulate changes immediatley, but often the improvements will continue for 48-72 hours.  Subsequent re-scanning of the horse will indicate what areas have healed, and what areas need further treatment.  Usually the number of problems located will decrease after each treatment.  There are no contrindications and over-exposure will not cause burning or other problems,like cold laser therapy, that can deliver too much light and over stimulate the body.

Light therapy is also fabulous for the healing of cuts, gashes, swelling, etc.  It accelerates the healing process and reduces scar tissue.

STS light therapy units are proudly made in the USA.

Happy  Grams

1/17 (human)  I used the portable pad you left for my husband on my knee. My knee has hurt inside for almost a year.  I wrapped the pad around it for the full 20 min timer setting  that morning.  Later in the afternoon the pain was gone and has not come back for 3 days.  Fantastic!  CD Langley

1/17  (Human) Just putting the lights on my sinus' for a few minutes cleared them right up!  Thank you!  CG Mt Vernon

1/17 (human)  I have been going to the chiro for at least a month with no relief for my back pain. The first session with the lights set on the lowest level gave slight relief.  The second session with the lights turned up gave me a significant reduction of the pain.  RD Langley

1/17  (human )I am sold!  Laying my head on the light pad at the end was so relaxing. I felt all the points you had treated, connect and started the energy flow.  It felt great.  It has been a long time since I felt that good. Thank you.  NC Clinton

1/17 (dog) After a slip on the ice, my puppy was limping for days. Priya is great now!  She is again running around with her brother. (standard bodywork session plus lights on sensitive spots)

1/17 (horse) He is feeling spunky!

1/17 (horse, proud flesh)  She was lame.  Used portable lights 2x and not lame anymore. PA Lake Stevens

1/17 (human) My shoulder injury stopped hurting for 2 days, and overall I feel more relaxed and not grumpy.  Morning creaks and groans are gone also. NS Freeland

1/17 (dog) Noticed definite improvement. He has tried and succeeded in standing! (standard session plus lights) K Clinton

1/17  (humans) We both (Chuck and I) felt great after our treatment.  Thank you! PC MtVernon