The very important teeth, and my all time favorite dentist, Erin Zamzow DVM

Here are the links to companies that make products that resonate with all animals.  This means that the ingredients in these products are clean and high quality, and will work to help your animal or you heal and become healthier. 

Please check with me before you order, as I may have some items in stock.

Dynamite Products - supplements of all sorts, bentonite clay, vitamins

Waiora Products - heavy metal detoxing (natural cellular defense), essential daily nutrients
doTERRA essential oils

Young Living essential oils
 independent consultant id# 1430845

 Frontier Herbs - liver, kidney, thyroid clearing herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs - organic slippery elm, dandelion products, pumpkin oil, etc.

Wachters Organic Sea Products - seameal, vetracalm.

DNR - draw

Barefoot trimming for the barefoot horse - also an Easyboot retailer     360-385-1318

My trimmer (Ali)  is cute, has a fantastic sense of humour, wears makeup and jewelery, and the horses now don't have ouchy feet because the feet are perfectly balanced and trimmed the way nature intended the foot to function.  Why wouldn't you have her trim your horses?