Helping knees to relax by releasing tension

Legaleese:  I am not a veterinarian, a chiropractor or a massage therapist, I have had no training in any of these modalities.  I do energy work. 

Releasing shoulder blade tension

Running energy through acupressure points

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Day 30 (since starting the drops):  I just wanted to tell you that my husband has lost 15.75 inches, and 21#.  And I have lost 14 inches and 11 pounds!  I only have two or three more pounds to lose.  We both feel good, too!  J.J. Clinton, WA

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1/17 We are singing your praises!  My knee feels so much better and Chuck's shoulder is much improved.  Yay!  PC Mt Vernon

1/17 I have been sleeping wonderfully after your session.  Thank you. CG  Mt Vernon

1/17  (humans) We both (Chuck and I) felt great after our treatment.  Thank you! (standard session plus lights on chronic pain areas)PC MtVernon

Be very excited .... you get to keep your clothes on!

Testimonials/Happy Grams

12/15 I feel great after the session A.L. Greenbank

1/14  I keep meaning to tell you that your knee work on me really helped my foot pain.  S.T. Snohomish

3/11 My husband had a tweeked shoulder, and after a week and a chiropractic visit there was still no relief. Jennifer worked on him for an hour and by that afternoon he had almost full range of motion and the pain was gone.  He was just a little tender.  By the next day he was fully recovered.  M. B.  Clinton, WA

9/11   I feel Good!!  Thank you, Thank you....when can I schedule another appt. please?  I woke up from a nap that day with such a sense of well being better than in a long time. My feet have not been out of pain like this since I injured them. I have more energy! Less all over pain, (fibro) and feel stronger and taller?? J.B. Freeland, WA